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Dec 17

Pieces of Me

Posted to Amanda's Angle by Kyle Jost

I actually believe that it takes a certain bit of guts to admit that my job means so much to me. Is the expression, ‘work to live don’t live to work’?! And this is Tahoe after all. People don’t move here for jobs. They move here to play!

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Jun 14

Happiness for a Lifetime

Posted to Kristin's Kinders by Kyle Jost

“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap. 
If you want happiness for a day — go fishing. 
If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” 
Chinese Proverb   

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Mar 07

Truckee Legacy Trail

Posted to Legacy Trail by Lily Munsee

The Legacy Trail is a path that goes from downtown Truckee to Pyramid Lake. Of that massive trail, the 4.8 miles from Truckee River Regional Park to Glenshire are paved and regularly plowed by the Town of Truckee. This trail is an awesome resource for our local community that allows for hiking and biking year-round. Not only does it enable recreation, but it is also used as a safe alternative transportation method by members of the community. It connects Glenshire to the town in a safe way for those on bikes and scooters that may be going to and from work and school. Additionally, the trail branches through Riverview Sports Park, allowing for children and families to use it as a route to and from sporting events. 

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May 12

He's the Man(inkin)

Posted to Pete in the Park by Kyle Jost

California labor laws are notoriously tricky to navigate.  We have a great Human ResourcesDepartment but new legislation like AB5 can really challenge us to remain a nimble, productive organization.  We must be creative with staffing solutions while still following the law. How do find employees willing to work at all hours for little to no pay?  How do you train staff to make rescues in the water and improve CPR and First Aid training without adding more paid employees?  You hire “Caleb”*.  

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Feb 23

Playing for a Living at the TDRPD Ice Rink

Posted to Playing for a Living by Lily Munsee

This week was my first week as the Marketing Specialist for TDRPD, which mostly consisted of going to the multitude of TDRPD events constantly happening. I got to see a wide variety of art classes with Ceramics, Boho Beatnik, and Art Scapes in the Community Arts Building. I visited Aqua Fit, where the whole class informed me that next time I better bring my swimsuit and join them, as well as some of our other adult sports programs like Basketball, Ai Chi, and Chair Yoga. Another place I was encouraged to visit was our Ice Rink, so I gathered a group of friends, and we embarked on Truckee River Regional Park. 

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