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Tori Simpson

Feb 26

[ARCHIVED] How Do You Mountain Forward?

The original item was published from February 26, 2021 3:47 PM to April 30, 2021 9:54 AM

I don’t need to remind anyone that the past 12 months have been, well, strenuous.  There were many times when I had to remind myself and our team that strain is a part of life and while we can’t control the opinions and choices of others or the restrictions placed on us by health officials, we do have control over our reactions.  The conscious decision to react with positivity and respect amidst the chaos of the past 12 months was the impetus of our Mountain Forward campaign.

20200630_093250We developed Mountain Forward this summer to remind people (and ourselves) of the District’s commitment to enrich lives.  Mountain Forward put a name to the solace, optimism, and fun we continued to provide throughout the pandemic.   Mountain Forward has reminded us to stay positive, keep active, offer choice and above all be respectful through the pandemic and beyond. 

I especially like the concept of Mountain Forward because of its reference to movement and growth.  Moving forward requires critical thinking, self-analysis, and real time commitment.  It can be a bit risky too.  There is comfort and safety in the known and in the masses.  Growth frequently involves moving away from commonality to create a new path.  And while that scares me, it also empowers me.  

Embracing Mountain Forward shows that TDRPD has both the skill set and dedication necessary for growth.   A risky venture that should pay off but has the potential to trip us up.  Thankfully we took our forward steps cautiously and with humility and have remained a source of positivity and reliability throughout our community.   
TDRPD demonstrates Mountain Forward by continuing to encourage people to stay active in our parks and programs.  We have sparked creativity in art classes and school-aged programs.  We have opened parks, organized summer camps, ran preschools, golf courses, ice rinks and beaches.  We have opened (and closed) pools, gyms, and programs.  We forged new paths and moved Mountain Forward together.  How about you? Had a good experience in a park or program?  Let us know.  We want to hear it and Mountain Forward with you.