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Mar 07

Truckee Legacy Trail

Posted on March 7, 2023 at 11:26 AM by Lily Munsee

P1460087The Legacy Trail is a path that goes from downtown Truckee to Pyramid Lake. Of that massive trail, the 4.8 miles from Truckee River Regional Park to Glenshire are paved and regularly plowed by the Town of Truckee. This trail is an awesome resource for our local community that allows for hiking and biking year-round. Not only does it enable recreation, but it is also used as a safe alternative transportation method by members of the community. It connects Glenshire to the town in a safe way for those on bikes and scooters that may be going to and from work and school. Additionally, the trail branches through Riverview Sports Park, allowing for children and families to use it as a route to and from sporting events.


The Legacy Trail  was started by the Truckee Rotary Club in 1998, when a foundation was organized to build the trail. They began construction in 2001, building a bike path along the Truckee River toward Glenshire. The first portion was completed in 2004. Since then, the trail has expanded and will continue to. When complete, the Truckee River Legacy Trail will connect the Donner Memorial State Park to the Glenshire neighborhood. For more information, you can visit the Town of Truckee’s website to view the Truckee Trails and Bikeways Master Plan

This trail is only possible due to tremendous community support and the cooperation of multiple government agencies and private landowners.