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Jul 23

Drink Coffee. Keep Moving.

Posted on July 23, 2021 at 12:21 PM by Kyle Jost

The Truckee Community Pool teamed up with Drink Coffee Do Stuff to start selling coffee again.  Pre-COVID, the Truckee Community Pool had killer concessions.  The grilled cheeses on Truckee Sourdough bread were perfect, crunchy on the outside, soft and cheesy on the inside.  The smoothies were healthy and delicious.  I could feed the family after an evening swim for a good price and come home to a clean kitchen.   But the real thing I sought out, day after day, was the staff coffee.   

I would have impromptu meetings over a cup of fresh coffee at the pool. I would enjoy my mid-day pick me up at the pool and I even got a ticket once for double parking in the fire lane so I could sneak in a grab a quick cup before heading out on my other daily duties.  I deserved the ticket!  Being an employee at TDRPD, I get staff coffee for a great discount.   Just another perk for working with us at TDRPD (#WeAreHiring).

During the past year and a half, when the pool was closed and TDRPD was still operating, I found other ways to cope with my caffeine dependence.  But they were not as good.  So, it is a real blessing that we are now back to selling coffee.  Because man, do I need the coffee these days.  TDRPD is B-U-S-Y.

Wondering why I haven’t written since my piece on our crazy summer waitlists?  Well let me tell you, it is not because of a lack of content.  Quite the contrary.  Here is a snapshot: since mid-May when I last wrote TDRPD has hired over 100 employees (and we are still hiring).  We hosted Truckee’s biggest party in 2 years with Music in the Park featuring Dead Winter Carpenters on July 7th.  We have had record breaking numbers at West End Beach.  We reopened sports, picnic sites, pools, fitness centers, meetings, summer camps, and buildings.  Honestly, it is kind of crazy how fast we move and in how many different directions.  I'm hoping that September will be a bit of a break, a chance to drink coffee sitting down instead of running off to the next thing.   

TDRPD’s hashtag is #MountainForward.  Mountain forward means staying positive, offering choice and evolving creatively.  So, while we are busy as heck, we know it isn’t enough.  What’s next at TDRPD is longer open hours at the pool, fitness center and main office.  Grilled cheese and smoothies too.  But these things take time, so for now- I am grateful to drink some delicious coffee as I hustle to keep up with post-pandemic life.   


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