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May 03

A Salute to #MountainForward Mamas

Posted on May 3, 2021 at 5:12 PM by Kyle Jost

On the eve of Mother’s Day weekend, I think it only fitting to acknowledge and honor our local mountain mamas and all they’ve endured throughout this crazy year. Reflecting back on my own mama tribe, as well as the Truckee Mama tribe as a whole, I am proud to consider myself among this group of women. No school? Fine, we’ll create a pod. Work from home, they said? Sure, these mountain mamas said, let me get my child started on this Zoom call, on my hip, in the crib for a nap, etc., and then I’ll power through what needs to be done.

I look around our community and I see mamas charging ahead, determined to help their families thrive. I get calls daily with mamas wanting to see how they can join programs for their littles to help them form peer connections, checking on pool status, getting creative on making things happen so they know that they’ve done all they can to ensure their kiddos are doing well. 

Our community was founded on this type of resilience and seeing it play out in our modern world can be quite remarkable. Mamas who have been dealt all they can bear, still managing to put a smile on their face and get their child to swim lessons, to dance, to West End Beach, or to play at Regional Park. The burden has been great this year, but the stoic determination of mountain mamas has remained consistent. Truckee Mountain Mamas came here for their families to live a mountain life filled with the natural resources that surround us. Mountain Mamas, I join all of TDRPD in saluting you and all your efforts to persevere during an incredibly challenging time in the world. Happy Mother’s Day, #MountainForward Mamas! 


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