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Apr 12

Back to Basics: TDRPD Account Creation and Log In

Posted on April 12, 2021 at 9:47 AM by Kyle Jost

Perhaps we should start this by all collectively taking a big, deep breath. I do not think any of us imagined that a year later we would still be “here”. Working remotely, Zoom family dinners and using online services and reservations for majority of what used to be in-person needs.

While my desire to move the District to a more online presence was a part of my 5-year plan, and the environmental sciences and sustainability degree part of me has been thrilled at the amount of paper we’ve saved, I was not anticipating getting a 3 week notice of “Hey! We need to get EVERYTHING online for summer camp!”

With County guidelines requirements changing the way we operated- there was a lot of quick thinking that was not always the most customer-forward, and lots of learning that happened along the way. So we’ll close this with a big thank you; thank you for your patience, your buy in and your love for the Rec and Park District. This year has not been easy or simple for anyone, but we are thrilled to continue to have offered programs and what we could.

That being said- We are thrilled to be bringing you a series of tips, tricks and pointers to ensure our online presence continues to be beneficial and helpful while we continue to navigate our operations.

Back to Basics: TDRPD Account Creation and Log In

1. While on our homepage, use the blue Menu bar to redirect to our registration website, ActiveNet. 


2. Click “Register Online”.  A new window will open. 
Pro Tip: Use a desk or laptop for easiest navigation! If on a mobile device, be sure to click over to our “Full Site.”

3. Once the new window pops up, select “Create an Account” from the upper right hand corner.


4. From here, you will input your personal information to create an account.

5. Once completed, keep an eye out in your email titled “Account Information Received – Action Required.”

6. You will need to activate your account, essentially verify that you are not a robot, by clicking on a registration link sent in that email.


As always- we are here to help. Please email for any account information help, or any general questions you may have. Have a question you need answers or an idea for a helpful tip? Please submit your suggestion below, and we will feature it in an upcoming week!

As always, stay healthy, be kind and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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