Feb 23

Playing for a Living at the TDRPD Ice Rink

Posted on February 23, 2023 at 9:22 AM by Lily Munsee

This week was my first week as the Marketing Specialist for TDRPD, which mostly consisted of going to the multitude of TDRPD events constantly happening. I got to see a wide variety of art classes with Ceramics, Boho Beatnik, and Art Scapes in the Community Arts Building. I visited Aqua Fit, where the whole class informed me that next time I better bring my swimsuit and join them, as well as some of our other adult sports programs like Basketball, Ai Chi, and Chair Yoga. Another place I was encouraged to visit was our Ice Rink, so I gathered a group of friends, and we embarked on Truckee River Regional Park. 

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