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Mar 31

Revitalizing the "Old Rec"

Posted to Amanda's Angle by Kyle Jost

The walls are thin at the Community Art Center.  Really thin.  When a child runs down the hallway, I can hear it from my office three rooms away.  When three children run down the hallway, it sounds like a heard of elephants.  I am careful about having private conversations - even when my door is closed.   And when the theater group is rehearsing for a show, I inadvertently memorize all the songs too.   

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Apr 12

Pivot Party

Posted to Kristin's Kinders by Kyle Jost

“We are so lucky that we got so much extra time together this year.”

These are the words of our seven-year-old daughter reflecting on this crazy year we’ve had.  As I look back on April 2020 to April 2021, I can see the good as well.  Relationships that were scattered and surface-level with staff and families have become much more authentic and ‘down to the bone’ so to speak.  We’ve all had to ‘pivot’ until we are dizzy, and the result of that creative, in the moment mindset has had many positives.

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Mar 31

Play Ball!

Posted to Pete in the Park by Kyle Jost

Play ball!  It's a phrase that has grown to mean a little more this spring.  I grew up dreaming of becoming a professional baseball player. I spent hours throwing a baseball against a woodpile, perfecting my motion and striking out imaginary batters. Growing up I never had a practice, game or season cancelled due to a pandemic. 

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Mar 19


Posted to Sven Serves It Up by Kyle Jost

I’ve been in the public recreation industry a loooooong time.  I got my first paycheck in it while Reagan was P.O.T.U.S.  Lots of people think all we do is play with kids, like they’re little toys that exist for our entertainment.  It’s an easy misconception; kids are cute (usually) and their laughter is priceless. But what really brings me the most satisfaction in my work is the friendships built through our programs regardless of age.  It’s in these relationships that I see the value of our work really hitting home. 

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Apr 14

Activity Guide Access & Online Registration

Posted to Tech Tips by Kyle Jost

As the snow starts to melt and the sun stays out a little longer, we know this can only mean one thing… SPRING HAS SPRUNG! We are excited to bring back more sports, arts and enrichment classes and slowly welcome more of you back into the District. With the new programs coming up, we wanted to make sure you had easy access to our Activity Guide to see the latest and greatest offerings we currently have at TDRPD.

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