Softball is a great way to spend your Summer nights in Truckee! Gather your friends, co-workers or service groups together and sign up as a team. The leagues are fun, outdoors and a great way to spend time together. 

Men's League has Divisions 1 - 3 with D1 as our most competitive league. 

Coed League is A - E with A league being the most competative.

Mon.-Thu. from 6pm - 10pm

D1 Stones Champs

  1. Stones Tires
  2. Shaffer Sealing
  3. Farmers Insurance
  4. Pastime Club
  5. The Klick
  6. Ohanas Clean

D2 Lopez Champs

  1. Lopez Excavation 
  2. Seltzy Boyz
  3. Tahoe Forest Hospital/Total Danger
  4. Big Bear Auto
  5. Truckee Merchants
  6. Out of Service

B League Champs Backflow

  1. Sierra Backflow
  2. Jax at the Tracks
  3. The Bombers
  4. School of Music
  5. Radicals
  6. Pipe Slingers
  7. Schaffers Mill
  8. Got the Runs

D League Champs KT Design

  1. KT Design
  2. Soft Balls
  3. Start Haus
  4. Sons of Pitches
  5. Snow Ballers
  6. Da Beers
  7. Lightening Al

C League Champs Donner Party

  1. Donner Party
  2. Lopez Excavating
  3. Epicrage
  4. Tahoe Party Cruises
  5. Norther Air
  6. Alibi Brewers
  7. Blue Coyote

E League Champs 5050

  1. Fifty Fifty Brewing
  2. A-1 Steak Sauce
  3. Pitches Be Crazy
  4. Tahoe Forest
  5. Truckee Paint Mart
  6. Town of Truckee
  7. Bella Nonna Tattoo Co.
Adult Softball