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Reservation FAQ’s

  • I am having trouble with doing this reservation online, who can I contact?
    • A: please send the best phone number to info@tdrpd.org and we’ll be happy to give you a call and assist you over the phone.
  •  Why am I not receiving resident rates? I’ve used your facilities before and live in Truckee?
    • A: More than likely, your account has been in our system since before we required proof of residency, this is very easy for us to update! Please email us at info@tdrpd.org with the subject line: Residency Status, and we’ll look into updating it for you! For quicker updating, send us your most recent property tax bill, mortgage statement or utility bill (gas, electric or sanitation) and we’ll get this fixed right away
  • I cannot find the date I want to play in the reservation system- It’s not showing in the list.
    • A: Our reservation system allows you to book dates for the entire month! This way you can get your schedule set and not have to worry.
    • First, please search for the time you’d like to join us. Once you’ve found the time you want, click on the Hyperlink and you’ll be taking to page with more detail. From there, click “Enroll Now”. Then select yourself or your family members as the participant for the reservation, and a calendar with all available dates for your selected time will pop up. Then click on all the dates you want to reserve, and proceed to check out!


Account and Log in FAQ’s

  • I have been a member of the Rec Center for years- why won’t my account work?
    • A: More than likely, we don’t have up to date profile information for you. Please create a new account here: with all your current information, and we’ll update your account for you
  •  I cannot get my log in to work, I am typing everything correctly and it’s saying my account does not exist?
    • A: Please try typing in your email (username) in all capital letters- our system is case sensitive for both username and password
  •  I’ve never used your online system before, how do I know what my username or password are?
    • A: Please email info@tdrpd.org and we’ll be happy to get it to you right away


Facility Access FAQ’s

  • I don’t want to wear a mask while I work out- can I still come?
    • A: No- at this time we are requiring all patrons to wear a mask. If you are medically except and can provide us with a doctors note, we’ll provide you a sticker to wear instead while you are in our facilities.

If you have any further questions, please email info@tdrpd.org.