Adult Enrichment

Truckee Adult Enrichment
Truckee Adult Enrichment

Summer Beginner Yoga with Lauri Glenn

Due to high demand of a Beginner Level yoga class to follow the Intro to Yoga Series, this series of 4 classes will offer the same welcoming, small group environment to hone your skills! We will practice the alignment principles, poses, breath work, simple meditations and philosophical tips that you learned in Intro. This class will give you the opportunity to gain confidence and proficiency in basic standing and seated poses, forward bends, backbends, and twists. You will find more ease in specific breath work as well as a deepened capacity for calm and presence through meditation. You will have the full support of a teacher who knows your skill level and accommodates accordingly. You will be free to ask questions and learn in a dynamic group environment. Please join us for some yoga fun! Pre-requisite: Intro to Yoga with Lauri Glenn or the equivalent. Please bring a mat and a towel to class.

Ages: 18+        

Location: Truckee River Regional Park

Online Code   Dates                    Days              Time

S1: #10052       6/4-6/25                Mon.              6pm-7pm

S2: #10053       7/9-7/30                Mon.              6pm-7pm

S3: #10054       8/6-8/27                Mon.              6pm-7pm


Music Together Family Class

Join us for a weekly 45 minute music and movement class especially designed for young children and their parents, or caretakers, which includes music, movement and instrument play.

Ages: Birth-5 + Parents    

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates              Days              Time

S1 #10233         7/17-8/21        Tues.             10am-10:45am

S2 #10234         7/21-8/25        Sat.                11am-11:45am


Yoga In the Park

Join Kellee Rich once a month for a Vinyasa-based class @ Yoga in the Park. This is an All-Levels instructional class. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged! Please bring your own mat and water.

Ages: 8-80        

Location: Truckee River Regional Park

Online Code    Dates                       Days       Time

#10028              6/24, 7/22, 8/26      Sun.        10am-11:30am


Belly Dance

Instructor: Heather Rose-Ford

This all-levels belly dance class includes the basic movements, posture, combinations, choreography & more! * Classes will be held through June 2018. Class will stop for summer and return Sept. 2018.

Ages: 14+        

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code   Dates             Days     Time

Ongoing           *See above    Tue.      6:30pm-7:30pm


Buggy Bootcamp

Instructor: Shelly Nielsen

This is a stroller-based fitness program for busy moms to get a heart-pumping workout with the friendship, support and fun of other moms. You will perform cardio drills, bodyweight exercises, a wide variety  of interval training, plyometrics and core work. Class is led by an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and designed for all fitness levels.

AGES: 18+    

Location: Regional Park (May - Oct, Stroller Required)

                 Community Arts Center (Nov - April, Stroller Optional)

Dates        Days    Time

Ongoing    Wed.    10:30am-11:20am



Adult Wheel &  Hand Building

Instructor: Susan Dorwart

Make it out of clay! This class is a more advanced version of our hand building class for kids. Create your own works of art.

Ages: 16+

Location: Community Arts Center

Online Code   Dates      Days      Time

#10038             7/5-8/9     Thurs.   3:45pm-5:15pm


Puppy/Dog Training Classes 

with Jeanie Collins Duffield, CPDT


Puppy Preschool

This class will cover a few of the things that are most concerning to owners of very young puppies (house training, biting, learning how to be left alone) as well as providing exposure to other puppies, to other people, novel environments and objects for this MOST IMPORTANT PART of your puppy’s life! You will also learn some valuable and important training exercises for your puppy.

Ages: up to 18 weeks old    

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates            Days     Time

S1: #9989           7/10-7/31    Tues.     10am-11am

S2: #9990           8/7-8/28      Tues.     10am-11am


Kindergarten Puppy Training

This class is for older puppies and will guide you through one of the more challenging times of a dog’s life - their adolescence! Some topics covered will be continued socialization, control and focus, leash walking, as well as learning some basic manners.

Ages: 18 weeks-8 mo. old    

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates          Days    Time

S1: #9991           7/10-7/31   Tues.   11:30am-12:30pm

S1: #9992           8/7-8/28     Tues.   11:30am-12:30pm


Graduate Training Level 1

(Only for graduates of: Private in-home training, Kindergarten or Basic Companionship Training) these classes are designed for people who want more reliability in their dogs’ responses at a distance as well as with distractions. The purpose of this class is to help you take your dog or puppy to the next level of training. The emphasis of this class will be on strengthening your puppy or dog’s focus on you around distractions, as well as teaching them to respond at a distance. Many of these dogs will be in adolescence, which can be challenging for even the BEST of trainers! Continuing your training and socialization of your dog will help to transform them into the kind of companion all of us love to have around!

Ages: 8 mo. +    

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates        Days    Time

S1: #9993           7/11-8/1   Wed.    10am-11am

S2: #9994           8/8-8/29   Wed.    10am-11am


Specialty Dog Training Classes

These timeslots are reserved for advanced training and/or specialty training classes based off of community request and need. Check online as we get closer to these dates for specific class details or contact Jeanie directly.

Ages: Varies    

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates        Days     Time

S1: #9995           7/11-8/1   Wed.     11:30am-12:30pm

S2: #9996           8/8-8/29   Wed.     11:30am-12:30pm