Adult Aquatics

Truckee Swimming Pool Adult Programs
Truckee Swimming Pool Adult Programs

AQUATIC Multi-Class Pass 

$100 fee, valid for 10 classes from participating instructors. Day use fee varies per class


Adult Only Swim

An opportunity for adults to use the recreation and therapy pool without the “little ones” running around. All areas of the Rec Pool will be open for ADULTS ONLY!

Location: Community Pool-Rec Pool Only

Dates         Days             Time

Ongoing     Mon.-Fri.      9am-10am



Instructor: Shelley Nielsen

AquaHIIT is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that guarantees to get your heart pumping and burn calories. Combining periods of intense exercise and varying amounts of rest, this 55 minute class will burn fat, improve muscle tone, build strength and leave you feeling energized and motivated. With water providing up to 42% more resistance than air, the pool provides a perfect place to conduct HIIT workouts by allowing you to work out at a higher intensity with less impact on the body.

Location: Community Pool

Dates              Days              Time

Ongoing          Tues. & Th.    9am-10am


Aqua X - Starts May 17th

Instructor: Christine Bettera

In this class, we will explore bodyweight focused exercises – both in & out of the water. Workouts will be combining varying intensity intervals, circuits & sets/reps for maximum cross train benefits. Participants of all levels will be appropriately challenged & welcome. Christine is a lifelong athlete, coach & fitness enthusiast with over 20yrs coaching, training & competitions under her belt.

Location: Community Pool

Dates              Days              Time

Ongoing          Th.                  2pm-3pm


CX Swim

Instructor: Michelle Johnson

CxSwim = awesome 60 min. swimming & core circuit workout. Your core acts as a stabilizing pillar point from which all of you power is generated. CxSwim combines swim, kick & pull sets with a multi-plane core strengthening circuit to improve strength & efficiency for your Truckee Tahoe lifestyle. **Students should bring a towel. Fins and paddles are optional.

Location: Community Pool

Dates         Days                   Time

Ongoing    Mon. & Wed.      10:45am-12pm


Water Yoga

Instructor: Eileen Allen & Joanna McMullens

Water Yoga takes the principles and movements of Yoga and adapts them to the water environment. With the release of gravity the body is able to find optimum strech. By using the rythm of the breath an inner sense of relaxation can be achieved. 

Location: Community Pool

***Class will go through May 30th, cancelled June, July & Aug. Will return in Sept.

Dates                         Days     Time 

Ongoing (Eileen)       Mon.     10am-11am

Ongoing (Joanna)     Wed.     10am-11am


Kayak Rolls

Open time at the pool to practice your roll. No instruction provided but lots of comradery with fellow kayakers.

Location: Community Pool

Dates Days                                     Time

Ongoing Fri. (Starts June 23)        5pm-7pm

Ongoing Sun.                                  12pm-5pm


Deep H2o Aerobics

Instructor: Amanda Oberacker & Jordan Nichols

You can sweat when wet! Join staff as they run you through 60 min. of heart pumping water exercises. Great for low impact cardio. 

Location: Community Pool

Dates                     Days                             Time

Ongoing Saturdays until May 19th         12pm-1pm

Summer days: ongoing Wed & Fri.          9am-10am


Boost Masters Swim Club

Instructor: Jeff Pearson

The Boost Swim Squad is designed for everyone from total beginners to high level swimmers with different workouts for different ability levels. Whether your goals are performance or fitness oriented, our training group will help you improve. Triathletes, masters swimmers, and those just looking to get fit are all welcome. We employ a combination of technique work with energy system training so you get the most out of your time in the pool. Our environment is light and supportive with an amazing group that wants to train hard but keep things fun. We have lanes for experienced swimmers as well as a beginner lane for those with no prior group experience. If you can make it across the pool safely, you are good enough to swim with us!

Location: Community Pool

Dates                             Days             Time


Through May 2018      Tues. & Th.    6:30am-7:45am


Starting June 2018       Mon. & Th.     6:15am-7:30am


H2O Knockout

Instructor: Angela Riddle

This class is a strength, mobility & cardio 1-2 punch. Participants will build muscle tone & heart fitness as they incorporate kickboxing & jogging in the water.

Location: Community Pool

Dates              Days             Time

Ongoing          Mon.              9am-10am