Youth Aquatics

Truckee Youth Aquatic Classes
Truckee Youth Aquatic Classes

Swim lessons for all ages and abilities. Click here to see all levels of lessons, and to see more information about joining the Swim Team.


Summer Swim Camp

Instructor: Dick Bamfield

Get the swim boost you need before summer starts or use this class to see if Summer Swim Team will be the right fit for you.

All Ages

Location: Community Pool 

Online Code     Dates              Days               Time

#10072               6/4-6/14          Mon.-Thu.      6pm-7pm


Summer Swim Team

Instructor: Dick Bamfield

Join this fun intro to swim team in the 8 week course that focuses on stroke technique & endurance. Each level meets for 1 hour 2x per week. 

Ages: 6+

Location: Community Pool 

*min of 25yds w/ side breathing & 25yds back to join

Online Code     Dates              Days                Time

#10071               6/26-8/16        Tues. & Th.     9am-11am

• Level 1 meets 10-11am & Level 2 meets 9- 10am

• Optional Team Swim Suits available $60 Girls, $45 Boys


Summer Swim Meets

Instructor: Dick Bamfield

Let’s race! All ages & teams are welcome to attend our swim meet. Events include 25 & 50’s of each stroke for all age brackets. Fun relays such as parent/child & noodle race at the end of each meet.

All Ages

Location: Community Pool 

Dates             Days             Time

7/25                Wed.             5pm-6pm

8/16                Thu.              5pm-6pm


Mermaid Swim

Drop-in swim time for mermaids without their Mermaid University Certificate. **Mermaid time with certificate is any public swim times.

All Ages

Location: Community Pool

Dates              Days              Time

Ongoing          Wed.              6pm-7pm


Mermaid University

Learn to swim like a mermaid! This fun class will have you flipping your fins like Ariel. Children must have passed our swim test OR have a parent in the water, with them. This class is required to swim with your tail during open swim times. FinFun Mermaid Tails, available at the pool, are the #1 Mermaid Tail in the world!!! Their patented monofin is swimmable and safe. Tails are $110 and should be purchased prior to first class either from the pool or online.

Ages: 6-12

Location: Community Pool

Online Code    Dates         Days              Time

S1: #10081        7/3-7/27     Tue. & Fri.     10am-10:30am

S2: #10082        7/3-7/27     Tue. & Fri.     5:50pm-6:20pm

S3: #10083        8/3-8/24     Tue. & Fri.     10am-10:30am

S4: #10084        8/3-8/24     Tue. & Fri.     5:50pm-6:20pm


Flips, Dives n’ Dunks

Instructor: Dustin McQuarry & Pool Staff

Come play with us! This class is not your typical swim lesson. We invite you to learn diving board tricks, rope climb techniques, under water swimming & play water basketball or volleyball. Take your water skills to the next level.

Ages: Grades 4-8

Location: Community Pool 

Online Code    Dates             Days     Time

S1: #10235        6/1-6/22         Fri.        4pm-6pm

S2: #10236        7/6-7/27         Fri.        10am-12pm

S3: #10237        8/3-8/24         Fri.        10am-12pm