Youth Aquatics

Truckee Youth Aquatic Classes
Truckee Youth Aquatic Classes

Swim lessons for all ages and abilities. Click here to see all levels of lessons, and to see more information about joining the Swim Team.


Flips, Dives n’ Dunks
Instructor: Dustin McQuarry

Come play with us! This class is not your typical swim lesson. We invite you to learn diving board tricks, rope climb techniques, under water swimming & play water b-ball or volleyball. Take your water skills to the next level!

Ages: Grades 4-10        

Location: Community Pool 

Online Code    Dates               Days     Time

S1: #10634      11/2-12/21        Fri.        4:30pm-5:30pm

S2: #10635      1/11-3/1             Fri.       4:30pm-5:30pm

S3: #10636      3/8-4/26             Fri.        4:30pm-5:30pm


Swim Stamina for Kids

Instructor: Dustin McQuarry

If your child or teenager is beyond our Learn To Swim, but not interested in joining swim team, this class is for you! You will learn proper technique & build endurance. Great for surfers, paddlers & JR Lifeguards.

Ages: Grades 4-10         

Location: Community Pool 

Online Code    Dates               Days     Time

S1: #10628      11/2-12/21        Fri.         5:45pm-6:45pm

S2: #10629      1/11-3/1             Fri.        5:45pm-6:45pm

S3: #10630      3/8-4/26             Fri.        5:45pm-6:45pm


Kids Water Polo

Water Polo is a great way for your child to get water-fit without swimming laps. Build swim strength, make friends, teammates and learn the basics of this fun water sport.

Ages: 8-15            

Location: Community Pool

Online Code   Dates                             Days       TIme

S1: #10651      11/6-12/18 (7 classes)  Tue.         5:45pm-6:30pm

S2: #10652      1/8-2/26 (8 classes)      Tue.         5:45pm-6:30pm

S3: #10653      3/5-4/23 (8 classes)      Tue.         5:45pm-6:30pm


Lifeguard Review

Instructor: Pool Staff

Your Lifeguard certification will expire after 2 years if you don’t take a review class to stay current

Ages: 17+             

Location: Community Pool 

**must have current or recently expired LG certification

Online Code    Dates                   Days     Time

S1: #10640       10/17 & 10/19     Fri.         4pm-8pm

S1: #10641       4/17 & 4/19         Fri.         4pm-8pm


Lifeguard Training Classes

Instructor: Pool Staff

The American Red Cross Lifeguard Training classes certifies persons (age 15+) to work as a lifeguard. Train with us to receive additional certification in: Lifeguarding Waterfronts, Oxygen, Epi Pen & Inhaler Administration, Advanced First Aid.

Participants must be able to pass the following swim test at the BEGINNING of class. Failure to pass will result in students not being able to take the course. Test includes: 550 yard swim, Retrieve a brick from 7 feet of water and swim with it above water for 20 yards, & swim 15 yards under water

**Cert to work financial aid discount may apply. 

Email for inquiries

Ages: 15+             

Location: Community Pool 

Online Code    Dates             Days              Time

S1: #10637       11/28-12/21   Wed., Fri.      4pm-8pm

                                                    & Sat.            9am-12pm

S2: #10638       1/23-2/16       Wed., Fri.      4pm-8pm

                                                   & Sat.            9am-12pm

S3: #10639       4/8-4/12         Mon.-Fri.       10am-5pm

(S3 is without Advanced First Aid)


Mermaid Swim

Drop-in swim time for mermaids without their Mermaid University Certificate. **Mermaid time with certificate is any public swim times.

All Ages                

Location: Community Pool

Dates              Days              Time

Ongoing          Mon.-Fri.       6pm-7pm 


Mermaid University

Instructor: Dustin McQuarry

Learn to swim like a mermaid! This fun class will have you flipping your fins like Ariel. Children must have passed our swim test OR have a parent in the water, with them. This class is required to swim with your tail during open swim times. Please bring your own tail or purchase at the pool for $110.

Ages: 6-12            

Location: Community Pool

Online Code    Dates              Days     TIme

S1: #10631        11/2-12/21     Fri.         3:45pm-4:15pm

S2: #10632        1/11-3/1          Fri.        3:45pm-4:15pm

S3: #10633        3/8-4/26         Fri.         3:45pm-4:15pm