Youth Enrichment



Kids Aikido

Instructor: Gideon Haimovitz

Come learn this fun, non-aggressive sport and burn some energy!

Ages: 5-10

Location: Community Recreation Center

Dates         Days        Time

Ongoing     Wed.        4:30pm-5:30pm


Cooking for Kids

Instructor: Tammy Garbarino

Cooking is an important life skill, often forgotten in today’s busy world. In Cooking for Kids, children will learn simple meals and snacks that take little time. Class time will include hands-on food preparation, clean up & tasting. We will prepare dishes like pasta, burritos, baked goods, beverages & spreads.

Ages: 9-12

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code     Dates         Days       Time

#10188               6/4-7/9       Mon.       4pm-5pm



Instructor: Karen Aulwurm

Jazzerkamp is a fun dance fitness program designed for kids. Kids have a blast learning routines to current popular music with an end of camp performance. Each fun-filled session includes dance techniques, games, arts and crafts, and so much more. Please bring water bottle and wear workout clothes. Snack is provided.

Ages: All Ages

Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code   Dates              Days             Time 

S1: #10178       7/16-7/20       Mon.-Fri.       9am-12pm

S1: #10222       8/6-8/10         Mon.-Fri.       9am-12pm

*material fee is due to the instructor at the first class.


Sailing Camps - - - FULL FOR 2018 SUMMER

Instructor: Angelo Tenorio Jennifer Landsberg

Learn to sail from beginning to end on our 12ft Pico sailboats!

Basic: This class is for students who have never taken sailing before and want to learn to sail. Kids will learn water safety, rigging, knots, sailing upwind & downwind, tacking & jibbing.

Seasoned: This class should not be taken unless you are experienced in sailing and registration is pending instruction approval. Students will review basic skills & continue to learn water safety, rigging, knots, steering, sail trim, racing techniques & right-of-way. 

Call: 530-550-4451 for pre-approval

Ages: 8-17

Location: Shoreline Park @ Donner Lake


Online Code    Dates             Days               Time

S1: #10181        6/26-6/29      Mon.-Th.        10am-4pm

S2: #10182        7/2-7/6          Mon.-Th.        10am-4pm

S5: #10185        7/23-7/26      Mon.-Th.        10am-4pm

S7: #10187        8/6-8/9          Mon.-Th.        10am-4pm


Online Code     Dates            Days               Time

S3: #10183        7/9-7/12         Mon.-Th.        10am-4pm

S4: #10184        7/16-7/19       Mon.-Th.        10am-4pm

S6: #10186        7/30-8/2         Mon.-Th.        10am-4pm


Tahoe Truckee School of Music

All Below classes of Tahoe Truckee School of Music located at: 

10038 Meadow Way, 

Suite E, 

Truckee, CA 96161


Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons on any of the common instruments including guitar, ukulele, voice, piano, banjo, mandolin, drums and more! Ben and his team are very talented and want to share their love of music with you. Times are flexible, so please contact them directly to coordinate a private lesson at 

Ages: All Ages

Location: 10038 Meadow Way, Suite E


Phone: 530-587-3274