Frequently Asked Questions



Is the pool for members only? What are the membership options?

The Truckee Community Swimming Pool is open to the public. We accept single drop-ins but offer discounted monthly, quarterly, and annual passes. 


Why do I need a wristband?

We check every person per our wristband system guidelines. These wristbands are crucial since they identify a the swim ability of each person for our lifeguards.


Why don’t we have a senior rate?

We offer discounts based on need rather than age.  If you would like to apply for a discounted pool pass, please contact


Why do we charge non-swimmers?

All patrons are required to pay a small fee to enter the facility. In part, this helps our staff maintain control of who's on the pool deck. In addition, we must maintain the facility's condition for both swimmers and non-swimmers alike.



Why do you get kids out of the pool every hour for “adult swim”?

Adult Swim not only allows staff time to conduct swim tests, but we'd also prefer the kids take this opportunity to go to the bathroom.


When do we turn the slide on/why is the slide off?

The water slide in the recreation pool will be open whenever the rec pool is open to the public. Please inquire with a lifeguard if you want the slide on and it isn’t turned on, since we like to conserve our resources and keep it off when unused.


What is the pool temperature & why is it kept there?

Our Lap pool is kept close to 81° and the recreation pool is kept near 89°. These temperatures are recommended by USA Swimming as the ideal medium temperature for our pool activities.


When can adults swim in the rec pool without children?!

Adults-Only swim times are typically Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9-10am, but please check the schedule.



Tell me about your swim test.

All patrons under the age of 15 will be issued a RED wristband upon entry to our facility. Anyone wearing a RED wristband is required to wear a lifejacket at all times. Patrons must pass a swim test before removing their lifejackets. Once thehave passed the test, they'll be given a GREEN wristband. Swim tests are offered at the top of every hour. Swimmers are required to tread water for one minute and complete a 25-yard freestyle or breaststroke lap.


Do you allow tubes?

No flotation devices with the exception of Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed in our facility.


Why are the lights off?

Some swimmers prefer using only the pool lights without the overhead lights for a unique atmosphere. We would be happy to turn them on, if you wish. The lights being off does not necessarily mean that our facility is closed!


Where can we play with the pool mats?

Pool mats are only allowed in the lap pool.


Why do you close the pool in the afternoon?

While we try to offer as many open-swim hours as possible, we have other groups who rent the facility. Our staff requires this time to prepare for the evening sessions.