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We have one seasonal position available for the coming seasons. Duties include:

Lawn Maintenance (Mower): Duties include loading and unloading mowers from trailer, mowing all parks, cleaning/lubing mowers, weed-eating, and various maintenance

Ball field / Field Prep: Duties include prepping baseball and softball fields for play (rake, drag, chalk, etc.); layout/paint sports fields (soccer, football, lacrosse, etc.); weed removal on all fields and various maintenance

Golf Course - General Preparation and Maintenance: Duties include golf course set-up, mowing golf course, weeding, and various maintenance tasks.

Pay: $15.01 per hour to start, plus District perks (membership passes to gym, pool, beach, etc. for employee and family, access to climbing wall, and drop in sports!)

Contact Bugg Vokel by email at Bugg Vokel or call 530-420-7275 for more info.

Our programs involve supervising children; applicants are required to be fingerprinted and cleared through DOJ prior to beginning employment. 

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